Selected for the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival

Selected for the 2010 Arizona Underground Film Festival

Who are The Crimefighters?

Crimefighters is a feature-length action-comedy from the same team behind the increasingly popular web-series Zomblogalypse. It's set in York in the north of England and tells the story of three bored friends swept into vigilantism to protect their small town from a wave of inexplicable crime.

Can Ella, Daisy and Pip restore order to their city? Even though they've given up drinking for a month?

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  • Superb, atmospheric comic-book noir


  • Fab Brit indie flick… comics fans will love it

    Forbidden Planet

  • Smart, surprising and genuinely funny

    Time Out London

  • A fun, goofy and cool Britflick


  • Genuinely brilliant, genuinely hilarious


  • Ambitious… funny… retro… clever writing

    Kim Newman — Sight & Sound

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